Top Taste Pte Ltd

Healthy Drinks for All
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Top Taste want to bring to their consumers the best of Mother Nature, making it easy for them to receive her benefits. With this commitment in mind, Top Taste spare no effort in creating traditional and healthful recipes, with each and every one of their drinks containing only the finest natural ingredients, with no added preservatives and food additives. This caters to the needs of modern individuals, who seek tasteful yet healthy drinks for one’s life wellness. Currently, they have yielded 6 unique products, not only making their products the first in the market, but also the brand trustworthy.

Creating healthy and great-tasting beverages is just the beginning of Top Taste’s story. As a business, they are devoted to protecting the environment and ensuring the production of top quality products, done through the adherence of the stringent food safety standard HACCP SS-444:1998.

Top Taste also pledges to continue developing innovative quality food products that exceed the high standards of Singapore’s consumer markets.

  • Client
  • Top Taste Pte Ltd
  • Industry
  • FMCG
  • Services
  • Photography, Advertising and Web Development
  • Year
  • 2015
  • Project Approach
  • Top Taste wanted to translate their product into an online experience that aligned with their brand’s new direction and company culture. They wanted to convey digitally, the company’s dedication to offering their consumers the best of Mother Nature. They wanted a website that not only reflected the company’s values but provided their audience with resources that would help them understand their amazing products. Through prototyping and user experience process, we helped Top Taste, develop a site map that supported their audience focused content without being overly complicated.
  • Top Taste also approached us with an objective to change the youth’s perception of herbal beverages. After sitting down with them and understanding what their vision was, our team decided to collaborate with influencers to develop a campaign that translated their brand’s new direction online. Through careful social media and video marketing strategies, we managed to achieve an organic 220K+ views on YouTube and increased the sales by 1.5X. Through our process, Top Taste has gained a powerful tool and online presence to help grow their business, both locally and internationally.